Architecture and Minimalism 


 Workshop dates

 Architectural Photography walk Toronto

October 26 2019 
November 17 2019 


Upcoming Camera Club presentations

 November 7  ( Latlow Photographers Guild,Burlington Ontario Canada)


October 10 2018

"Wow .what a wonderful and informative presentation .On behalf of the Chatham Camera club .I want to extend a warm thank you .I know everyone walked away inspired to look at simple things to photograph and pay special attention to patterns .leading lines and effect light has on the subject.I for one will no longer think of B/W as boring ,you bring a simple photo and turn it into an Intense masterpiece ."

Thanks again

Mary and Tere Craig

June 17 2019

"A great learning experience and lots of fun I highly recommend it. "

Paul Infelise

Feb 20 2019

"Your work is magnificent Wayne Really enjoyed your presentation tonight in Guelph .Very Inspirational .Best wishes for continued success ."

Shari Lovell

June 3 2019

"Lutz and I highly recommend this workshop! Had a great time learning from Wayne."

Monique Campbell

June 22 2019  

"Thank Wayne for the workshop was awesome and you were very helpful.I had a great time and it was nice to try a different style .I am going to go through my photos again and I would definitely recommend your workshop to anyone."

Thanks again 

Debbie Drew

Oct 2019

" Recently had the pleasure sitting one on one with Wayne who shared his vision and techniques as an artist and importantly how to express your own.I can only say then benefit of that conversation to my own personal work was so exponentially improved due to generosity as a teacher and artist."

Lance Saunders

October 2019

" Hi Wayne you are one of the best teachers I have come across .I have learned a lot .I am very much grateful to you."
Niru Karia

 Join me on this photography workshop! I will demonstrate how to photograph Architecture from my personal vision and hopefully inspire you to turn your vision into Art .

Workshops offered 

1. Architectural walk downtown Toronto Canada.

2.Post production how to improve your workflow.

Toronto is a diverse city with beautiful Architecture.

 If you are interested in improving you photography and learning to see things in a unconventional way then these workshops are for you. 

Contact me for Architectural walk workshop dates.

Contact me for Post Production workflow dates.

Required equipment:

DSLR or something similar, a wide angle lens ( 16-28 mm range ) 

Telephoto lens in the 24-105 mm range

Contact me for Pricing and availability .

Thank you

Wayne Fisher


Architectural walks and Post Production are on separate days.

All images are copyright to Wayne Fisher Photography Inc.
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