Architecture and Minimalism workshops

 Join me on this photography workshop! I will demonstrate how to photograph Architecture from my personal vision and hopefully inspire you to turn your vision into Art .

Workshops offered 

1. Architectural walk downtown Toronto Canada.

2.Post production how to improve your workflow.

Toronto is a diverse city with beautiful Architecture.

 If you are interested in improving you photography and learning to see things in a unconventional way then these workshops are for you. 

Contact me for Architectural walk workshop dates.

Contact me for Post Production workflow dates.

Required equipment:

DSLR or something similar, a wide angle lens ( 16-28 mm range ) 

Telephoto lens in the 24-105 mm range

Contact me for Pricing and availability .

Thank you

Wayne Fisher


Architectural walks and Post Production are on separate days.

All images are copyright to Wayne Fisher Photography Inc.
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